Greatest Dutchman (2)

Since yesterday this weblog gets many hits through people searching the Internet for ‘the greatest Dutchman’. The election seems to have hit the international press quite a bit, since the visitors are from different countries of the world. Well, having said that… the finals of the election of the Greatest Dutchman has been fun to watch. By the end of the show last night, Pim Fortuyn was declared winner with some 8,000 votes ahead of Willem van Oranje (that probably would have been my favorite). The ‘Fortuynists’ made quite a spectacle of it, their representant being ‘not happy’, stating that ‘the Dutch people once again have made clear that something needs to change’. The Willem van Oranje representant was not amused as well, saying that ‘a signal had won, not the greatest Dutchman’. And then today the broadcasting company KRO states that, due to technical problems, many votes had only been counted until after the show. If those had been counted in time, Willem van Oranje would have won… Of course the Fortuynists think it is a setup, discrediting Fortuyn again. I heard Mat Herben going wild on this on the radio, it was just fun to hear. I am glad there still is something to smile about in the current times…

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