Personal growth

I have not been blogging a lot about personal stuff lately. I should, if this blog reflects my life as it is. As I said before, we had a great time in Spain end of October. During that week, a process of spiritual growth has started in a way that I never experienced before. It seemed like all of a sudden, pieces fell together. We )Mira and I) learned a lot about the spiritual world, especially in the area of prayer, spiritual warfare (don’t really like that expression, but it is what it is), spiritual authority and our ‘position in Christ’. I can honestly say God has been speaking to me for a long time already on my position in Him, but I never quite caught it.

So now it all came together, and we got tools in hand that I am applying since then in my life, for the benefit of me, our marriage and family, but also Agape. The exciting thing is that God is not only teaching stuff to me, but to the other emerging Agape leaders as well. We are truly building and exercising our faith that Agape once again will be greatly blessed and a blessing for others. We are learning more and more to keep our eyes on Jesus and have God’s Spirit work in us.

It is exciting, intensive and challenging. At the same time, the spiritual enemy (yes, the devil) is not pleased; he tries to get us where he can. Yesterday I heard that again one of the office workers got a burn out and will be sick for a while. To me that is part of the battle.

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