St Nicholas

5 December is ‘St Nicholas’ day’: a traditional children’s party where a Santa Claus-like man comes with his helpers (black Peters, as they are called) to either give presents to the kids when they have been good, or take them back to Spain, when they have behaved badly. The kids celebrated this at least 4 times at different locations: Friday morning at school; in the afternoon with Agape in Doorn, and at night in Zwolle with my sister Ingeborg and her husband Joan. On Saturday, after we visited my new nephew Rogier in Nieuwegein, we went to celebrate St Nicholas in Numansdorp with the Evenblij family. Today, the official date, we celebrate it low-key at home, mostly by watching Sesame Street 🙂

And of course in church this morning the subject of the preaching was ‘Celebration’…

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