Speakers’ corner

It was my turn to do a devotional at the bi-monthly staff meeting yesterday. I spoke about light and darkness. An obvious theme in December, but I felt I needed to share some things that God has been learning me over the last few months. Especially the concept of allowing God’s light over all parts of my life – whether it be straight-out sin or the more concealed things like ungodly thinking patterns and behaviours. I was afraid that it would be a little bit too much of a Bible study for the occasion, but to my surprise somebody said he felt it was one of the very few pastoral devotionals he had heard on the staff meetings. Well, that’s good to hear. The same colleague called me in my car today, asking if I had my lights on 😉

This morning I was invited to teach at the Harvest & Ministry Bible school in Zwijndrecht on the subject of project management. Quite different, but as much fun to do as a devotional. I created a fictious project and asked the group to come up with a project plan. As I said, it was fun to do, and I think they even learned a thing or two.

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