Business School

This week I have been working hard for my ‘second job’: assessor for an MBA programme at the Institute for International Business Relations (IBR). Last summer, they contacted Agape to see if we knew any Christian professors that could work with them. It sounded interesting to me; the school is Germany-based, but the actual students are currently all from Ukraine. They are expanding their international … Lees verder Business School

Larknews Satire

Marc van der Woude posted a couple of funny headlines from, a christian satire site. I checked it out, and as a financial controller for a christian charity foundation, I found especially the following one very funny: Hellbound man enjoys free church offers GREELEY, Colo. — Glenn Birde, 36, a self-described agnostic, has attended more church events in the past year than most longtime … Lees verder Larknews Satire

Van Gogh is dead

Today Theo van Gogh was killed. A brutal attack, he was shot this morning while riding his bike through Amsterdam. Apparently an Islamic young man both shot and stabbed him, making sure he would not survive. I can’t understand it, it is so far off my morals and values that I just can’t understand it. At the same time: hypocracy rulezzz in The Netherlands. Mr … Lees verder Van Gogh is dead

Off to Spain

Yes, we’re off to Girona, Spain for the Agape Europe Leader Development conference. There will be about 50 people from over 10 countries, the overall theme is ‘Leadership in Action’. I am particularly looking forward to hearing Andrea Buczynski, the Global head of Leadership Development in Campus Crusade. She will be speaking on the 4 leadership roles ‘Direction Setter’, ‘Change Agent’, ‘Developer’ and ‘Communicator’. I … Lees verder Off to Spain


My Bloginality is ENFP! Just did the test. I noticed that the site was not updated for a while, so maybe this is just old stuff, but it is funny. Years ago I did a real Myers-Briggs test, but I lost the results, so I can’t compare. I believe I was more Judgmental back then (learned something in those years!) Listen to this: “As an … Lees verder Bloginality