11 years

Today is our 11th marriage anniversary! Time flies when you’re having fun πŸ™‚ We have not really had the opportunity to celebrate yet, as I had to work and there was a Christmas ceremony at Rosa’s school. We will make up for that next week, when the kids are going to stay with Mira’s sister Hilde and her family. And to show I can be … Lees verder 11 years

Old friends (2)

Met up with one of my former directors and his partner from a company I used to work for. He is probably the one that influenced me most in my professional development. He’s an extremely bright guy, and I’ve always enjoyed working with him. He was not familiar with our ‘way of living’ (raising personal support) so we talked a lot about it. He and … Lees verder Old friends (2)


Volgende week zaterdag organiseren we een kerstborrel voor de buurt. In het kader van ‘Waarom Kerst‘ hebben we voor alle buren de cd besteld. Net de uitnodigingen rondgebracht; nu maar hopen dat de buren het ook zien zitten πŸ™‚ Een andere kadotip voor de kerst: het boekje ‘Dineren met een volmaakte vreemdeling‘ van David Gregory. Een klein boekje dat een prachtig bijdetijds beeld van Jezus … Lees verder Buurtborrel

The golden rule in religion

Just watched a documentary on a visit by Karen Armstrong, British writer and religion-expert. She is in The Netherlands to promote a new book, and for that she held a speech that was partly broadcast tonight. She says many interesting things about the relationship between religion and politics, and also about religion as such. I have to acknowledge the fact that she is an expert … Lees verder The golden rule in religion