Fun Development

Monday was track-day. I attended the fund development track, where we were with 5 nationalities, discussing the different country situation. It was okay but not extremely inspiring. The morning session was a combined one, where Eric Célérier and my friend Wouter shared about Internet Evangelism. Now that is what I call exciting! Eric started in 1999 with, a French christian webportal. An amazing story … Lees verder Fun Development


The weather is getting better everyday. Today it was still windy, but the sky was blue and the sun was shining. We were off all afternoon, and after a great lunch at the chinese restaurant (with almost the entire Dutch team) we went for a swim! In the indoor pool, to be honest, but still. It was relaxing and very good. At night there was … Lees verder Sun(ny)day

European Priorities

There are about 180 delegates in the conference coming from 16 or 17 different countries. I guess the average age is somewhere around 50. Interestingly, one the most used terms this conference was ‘paradigm shift’ – basically meaning that we need different strategies, resources and people to reach Europe in the coming decade. I am very glad that virtually everybody agrees on this, and that … Lees verder European Priorities

The leader in me

Today Cobie Langerak spoke on leadership. She brought a message that I had heard in different words at several occasions over the last couple of months. She emphasized the importance of development of both character and skill, stating that you can’t be a leader without a clear strategy about your own leadership. She also promotes shepherding instead of servant leadership, quoting Psalms 78:72. A third … Lees verder The leader in me

Travel stories

Wednesday night the Agape European Leadership Forum started in Spain. This is a conference for leaders from the different Agape / Campus Crusade for Christ ministries in Europe. We left Wednesday morning with 16 Dutchies from Schiphol. The trip from Amsterdam to St Feliu de Guichols (Costa Brava, same place as we were in October) was a lesson in patience. We arrived in Barcelona about … Lees verder Travel stories

Off to Spain (2)

Yes, I’m almost off to Spain again. Tomorrow we’ll fly with a group of 16 Agape workers to Barcelona for the annual European Leadership Forum. 6 Days of conference and networking. The topic is (again) leadership, Cobie Langerak (a woman again!) will speak and do workshops. She is a former VP HRM of Philips, currently having her own business in Atlanta (at least, that is … Lees verder Off to Spain (2)

Social Work

A weekend of ‘social work’: Friday night we had our friends Arnaud and Annemarie here. They work with the HQ School Bible & Arts. Beautiful, talented people with a heart for God. On Saturday we went to Hans and Delja Pruis’ reception for their 25th anniversary (!) with Agapè in Veenendaal. Nice to hear their story in an hour. They are quite a couple. Did … Lees verder Social Work

Downtown church

Sundaynight I visited the ‘Stadshartkerk‘ (‘Downtown church’) in Amstelveen. I was there to promote the Agapè prayer training that started last night, but it was also a great opportunity to see what is happening over there. The congregation is part of a traditional church denomination, and last year it seemed they had to stop because of steady decrease of members. In November 2004 (6 weeks … Lees verder Downtown church