Happy New Year!

Happy 2005 to you all! May God bless you in all your ways this coming year.

We celebrated Newyear’s Eve with mixed feelings. We are grateful for God’s provision, all the blessings we received and for our first year in fulltime ministry. At the same time we’re grieving with my sister who had a miscarriage this week, we remember our son Daniel who was stillborn today exactly 5 years ago and we are touched by the tragedy that hit Asia last week.

We were at my sister’s place last night, it was good to be together, to talk and to pray. I went to church with my brother-in-law Joan (‘Gereformeerd Vrijgemaakt’), which was one of the rare occasions that I visited a traditional church. The pastor preached on Luke 21, relating it to the Tsunami tragedy and showing that our only true Refuge is Jesus Christ himself. That is the most encouraging message one can have to start the new year with.

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