Tsunami disaster

Campus Crusade for Christ put up a special website for it at http://www.tidalwaverelieffund.com to collect funds for the victims and CCC’s relief initiatives. It is reported that all CCC staff survived, which is a miracle in itself. Thomas Abraham, Vice President for Asia, writes:

“God has been very merciful to us, and for a purpose. We believe He did it so that we may join together with the worldwide body of Christ to meet the physical and spiritual needs of devastated and desperate families.

We as a movement are engaged in bringing immediate help to the affected areas through our staff, students, disciples, church partners and business associates. Several countries are now raising funds through various means.

Our staff, students and partners are already distributing blankets, providing meals and initiating clean-up efforts in India and other affected countries. But we can and must do more, as time begins to run out.

Already the need for fresh water and medicine is becoming acute. An epidemic of cholera looms in many areas. Thousands more face physical and spiritual death. We must act now.

We need your prayers. Even as I write this letter the death toll continues to mount dramatically. Please continue to pray that God will use us to bring Christ’s love into this desperate situation. Pray that thousands of hearts will be open to the gospel, wherein lies their only hope.”

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