Social Work

A weekend of ‘social work’: Friday night we had our friends Arnaud and Annemarie here. They work with the HQ School Bible & Arts. Beautiful, talented people with a heart for God. On Saturday we went to Hans and Delja Pruis’ reception for their 25th anniversary (!) with Agapè in Veenendaal. Nice to hear their story in an hour. They are quite a couple. Did not know their daughter could sing so well! On the way back we ate at McDonald’s; the kids love it of course and it is well spent time as a family. At night Henk and Marjolein, our cellgroup leaders, came by. We talked until late about many different things, such as baptism in the Spirit 🙂 We showed them our wedding video; 10 years ago, Dutch christian television EO broadcasted a documentary on our wedding and preparations for it. Afterwards Mira said she loved me, because I have grown up so much since then… (mmm, it was not exactly what she said, but it sounded like it). And today Floor and Chris were here. Floor is a former colleague from my time at PinkRoccade. We always went along very well, so it is nice to see the friendship continuing. It was a relaxed family time, going out for a walk and Floor helping put the kids to bed. We talked a little about Agapè, christianity and so on. Floor told us she’s pregnant… quite a surprise! The baby is due at Sara’s birthday, July 23rd.

It’s good to have friends.

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