The weather is getting better everyday. Today it was still windy, but the sky was blue and the sun was shining. We were off all afternoon, and after a great lunch at the chinese restaurant (with almost the entire Dutch team) we went for a swim! In the indoor pool, to be honest, but still. It was relaxing and very good. At night there was a short meeting with two impressive video stories; one on forgiveness and reconciliation in Rwanda, the other on the relief initiatives after the tsunami.

I had a dip after the session, so I decided to skip dinner and went straight to bed. My roommate Arnaud came in at ten; he sensed I was not feeling okay, so he prayed for me – what a blessing!

Cobie gave her last speech today. She is a gifted speaker, always starting with a joke or a story. That in itself is kind of predictable, but the way she tells them is excellent. Today she told a very funny travel story, on Friday she told how she addressed the wrong Chinese audience without knowing, and yesterday she told another funny story about her speaking before an Asian audience. I guess the stories are all true, although they are very unlikeable to happen… but hey, who cares:-)

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