Fun Development

Monday was track-day. I attended the fund development track, where we were with 5 nationalities, discussing the different country situation. It was okay but not extremely inspiring. The morning session was a combined one, where Eric Célérier and my friend Wouter shared about Internet Evangelism. Now that is what I call exciting! Eric started in 1999 with, a French christian webportal. An amazing story of how the internet can be used to change lives. They have had already over 8 million visitors. 15.000 people have indicated to become christians through this website! Another site ( has even better statistics. 16% of the people who enter the site via the Google search on ‘vatican’ have indicated to have become a christian. Incredible, isn’t it?

The response on his presentation was very positive. I would not be surprised if it would even change the European priorities, that up till now do even not include the word internet.

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