Tsunami disaster

Campus Crusade for Christ put up a special website for it at http://www.tidalwaverelieffund.com to collect funds for the victims and CCC’s relief initiatives. It is reported that all CCC staff survived, which is a miracle in itself. Thomas Abraham, Vice President for Asia, writes: “God has been very merciful to us, and for a purpose. We believe He did it so that we may join … Lees verder Tsunami disaster

Happy New Year!

Happy 2005 to you all! May God bless you in all your ways this coming year. We celebrated Newyear’s Eve with mixed feelings. We are grateful for God’s provision, all the blessings we received and for our first year in fulltime ministry. At the same time we’re grieving with my sister who had a miscarriage this week, we remember our son Daniel who was stillborn … Lees verder Happy New Year!