Kyiv, here I stay

I was going through my posts to see whether I had actually written that I was supposed to go to Kyiv tomorrow. I guess I did not, so let me tell you what happened.
As you know I work with an international business school in my ‘second job’. After starting as an assessor for the IT & Management courses, they asked me to consider working in their Financial Management program as well. The idea was to help them run a one-week seminar once or twice a year in Kyiv or Odessa. I said that I could not make a commitment, but they invited me to come over and attend a seminar anyway. The seminar starts Monday, and I was supposed to fly to Kyiv tomorrow. And then, last Monday, I got a phonecall… for a number of reasons they called it off. Really a blow, I would have liked a lot to go there. On the other hand – I can understand their reasoning, and I think it is best like this. I decided to take some days off from work, so I’ll have some free time.

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