A cloud as small as a man’s hand

Yesterday we had an exciting day with the leadership team. We took a full day to basically understand from the Lord what He is doing and what He wants us to do.We started out with the story of Elijah at Mount Karmel, where he prophetically saw what God was going to give (rain in a […]

Hitch-hiking Himalaya

Watched my favourite real-life show tonight, Peking Express. Like last year, this is probably the only show that I might stay home for (in fact I dont’t, but I might…). It is a hitch-hiking race from Beijing to Bombay.The thing I like about it is the mix of competition and culture in a pretty authentic […]


Yes, we’re wireless… I remember the times when ‘wired’ was cool, but nowadays wireless is even beyond cool – it’s kinda standard already. Just last year I wired the house in order to have internet access in the different rooms, but last month we rented out one room (my office-room) to a student, leaving us […]

Bloggers paradox

Yesterday morning a dear brother in the Lord rebuked me for ignoring my blogging responsibilities. I noticed a carnal response by defending myself along the following lines: “Here is what I call the bloggers paradox: the more topics, the less time to blog… And this is what happened to me the last couple of months. […]