Hitch-hiking Himalaya
Hitch-hiking Himalaya

Hitch-hiking Himalaya

Watched my favourite real-life show tonight, Peking Express. Like last year, this is probably the only show that I might stay home for (in fact I dont’t, but I might…). It is a hitch-hiking race from Beijing to Bombay.
The thing I like about it is the mix of competition and culture in a pretty authentic style. Often, real life shows are not so real life as they pretend. Peking Express is of course not ‘real life’ in a sense that you and I experience this kind of thing, but the way the show is set up, gives a surprisingly realistic insight in for example life in China or India.
The only thing I find a pity is that there is quite an emphasis this time on religious events, where the couples partake in different rituals and ceremonies that I think are occult. There seems to be no sense of discernment of what is right or wrong in this respect.
O, and about my favourite couples: from the four that are left over, I’d call it even between Karla and Sophie and Just and Bregje.
The Belgian ladies are very charming, and although they might not seem the most competitive, I give them a fair chance to win. The Dutch twins are very sympathetic and sincere. I really value them for the way they treat the people they meet.

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