Newsletter 5

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Five-fold (2)

Much debate (more than I was aware of) is going on about the five-fold ministry, especially the apostolic and prophetic ministry. Take a look for example at the discussion around apostolic ministry at Marc’s Messages, the Super-apostle Detector (ironically meant, but with an awful lot of truth in it?) and the Orlando Statement. The sheer […]

Home cinema as it was intended

We made it… we should get a medal for the Lord of the Rings marathon we held yesterday. Arnaud came up with the idea to watch the entire trilogy (Extended Version!) at once. With a couple of other people (Jefta for example, who happened to be on TV himself last night, in the TROS Twins […]


My cousin Annemiek got married yesterday (20-05-2005) with her Michel. We had not seen her in a while, so it was good to be there. Great church ceremony with a ‘plugged’ band and lots of touching moments, such as when the bride and groom sang a wedding song together… At the reception, I saw some […]

Welcome Willem

A new kid on the blog: Willem de Vink! Since last week Willem writes and draws on the web. Great, I am looking forward to his posts! By the way Willem, that picture on your weblog – it’s the first time I actually see you behind a computer 🙂

HQ Event

Visited the HQ Event at Christian festival Opwekking (‘Revival’). Beautiful weather, nice people and good-old bible study… this is as good as it gets. Last year I did not visit the event, but I heard all the stories about thousands of young people sitting for hours of plain bible teaching. This year I wanted to […]

Happy Anniversary

Today my sister Ingeborg celebrates her first wedding anniversary with Joan. It is a joy to see them being so happy and relaxed together. They truly found their destiny…Congratulations, sister! May God bless you with many years to follow.


Gave my first sermon in our church today. It went well, at least I got some positive feedback. Although it was my first speech in our current church, it was not my first speech ever. It was fun to see some people react surprised, asking ‘if I had done this before’ 🙂I was assigned the […]