HQ Event

Visited the HQ Event at Christian festival Opwekking (‘Revival’). Beautiful weather, nice people and good-old bible study… this is as good as it gets. Last year I did not visit the event, but I heard all the stories about thousands of young people sitting for hours of plain bible teaching. This year I wanted to experience it myself, and I must say: it is amazing. On a Saturday afternoon, while the sun is shining bright, about 1.500 sit in a tent for over 3 hours of basic teaching on the gospel of grace, righteousness, holiness – no music, no blabla, just plain teaching. Think about it: most of the Sundays half an hour preaching is too much. 500 meters from there, another tent is packed with at least 1.000 others listening to teaching on relationships and sex. That might be less of a miracle, but still… I can’t wait to see that generation rise up and take the lead in church and in society!

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