Another picture gallery

A couple more pictures are added in the picture gallery section: our little birthday party of last week.

In the name

Tonight I’ll visit the HQ School Theater show ‘IN DE NAAM VAN‘(‘In the name of’) in Ede. I am looking forward to it. It’ll be the first show of them that I visit; don’t know what to expect. The PR at least is raising high expectations.Each year, HQ students create their own theater show and […]

Kodak vs Fuji

At our first hike, we met a Dutch group of people doing some kind of survival. They carried a stretcher with a dummy on it and went abseiling at a riff. A perfect opportunity to test the new camera, so I took my new Kodak out of the bag – to find out the group […]

Belgian break

Mira and I were on a short break last week in the Belgian Ardens. We went to Nadrin, a small village right next to the river Ourthe. Beautiful place, very peaceful and green. Wednesday and Thursday we went hiking almost all day, on Friday we left before noon and visited Antwerp on the way back. […]

…to us…

For our birthdays, we bought ourselves a digital camera. A very nice one, actually, for a very nice price as well. Here are some of the first shots with it (compressed and resized for the web, of course). I guess a lot more will follow in coming years…

Happy Birthday…

Today is Mira birthday! Amazingly, the last couple of years she has not turned any older. I can’t tell you what it’s like to have a wife that stays forever young… The other historic event today is that I walked the ‘Avondvierdaagse’ for the first time since 22 years, together with Rosa. This is a […]

Nee – Non – No

A lot has been said already about the vote against the EU constitution, and I doubt if I can add something useful to the discussion. My ‘no’ to this constitution is a quite fundamental one. Like many others already commented, the EU is an undemocratic system, which is reason enough to vote against. Some say […]