In the name

Tonight I’ll visit the HQ School Theater show ‘IN DE NAAM VAN‘(‘In the name of’) in Ede. I am looking forward to it. It’ll be the first show of them that I visit; don’t know what to expect. The PR at least is raising high expectations.
Each year, HQ students create their own theater show and perform in several places all over Holland. The idea is that they integrate as much ‘Bible and Arts’ as they can from what they learned in the past year.

2 gedachtes over “In the name

  1. It was great. I was impressed with the professional quality, both from the play itself and the players. Spoken word, visual effects (both performed live and on screen) and music (live performed as well) blended together extremely well.
    The storyline was good, at times touching. It presented Jesus from the point of view of a number of his disciples. For each of them He is the answer to their specific needs and desires – something that came across really well.

    I was really proud of ‘our’ HQ School 🙂

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