Off to Middelburg

Today and tomorrow we visit Ron and Marie-Anne. I was able to keep up my good name by helping Ron secure his wireless network, which was still open to everybody. Played Need for Speed II, but it seems I’m getting old… can’t beat 13-year old Sander, not even close…We went to the beach again, in […]

Vamos a la playa

For the Romania trip, we take Ron and Marie-Anne’s roofcase. We needed the right roofrails for our car, but those are quite expensive. I did some calls to different shops, but they were all far away and expensive. Through (‘’) I found a second-hand, original Ford set – that was delivered this same afternoon […]

Sunday – rainy day

No sun today… at least not in the afternoon. We wanted to go to the beach, but the weather did not allow it. Well, that was not a big problem. I spent most of the afternoon in front of the TV, watching the Tour de France’s final stage and the German F1 Grand Prix. Both […]

Sara’s Birthday

Sara turned 3 today! We celebrated her birthday with the Evenblij dinasty in Ouddorp. The weather was good enough for a stay at the beach. The bravest among us even took a dive in the sea. They said it was great, and I believe them at their word. I did not try myself, however… Afterwards […]

Preparing for Romania

Early August we will join Marcel and Cody Gaasenbeek in Arad, Romania, for a couple of weeks. This is our little ‘missions project’ that we are supposed to do for the European Leader Development programme. We will take the kids and niece Paulien (as a nanny), and Arnaud and Annemarie from HQ will join also.Marcel […]

Practising for holiday

This last weekend, we kind of practised for the coming holiday. Sunny weather, meeting old friends, enjoying outdoor life… mmm!Thursday night we visited Joost and Ida. We were out in the garden barbecue-ing until almost eleven, enjoying each other’s company. At least, I do: Joost is one of those friends that I discuss favourite browsers […]

The vision and the vow

Ordered this book via the internet yesterday: The Vision and the Vow, by Peter Greig. I came across the Vision (“a stirring call to discipleship”) more than once while surfing the Net, and it touched me again and again. It reads like this: ———————-So this guy comes up to me and says, “What’s the vision? […]


This is my 250th post… what a milestone!

Save Ferris!

Watched my all-time favourite movie for the tenth time last night. It featured on Dutch television. I was not planning on seeing it, but when zapping by, I could not help but watch it till the end… I really cannot explain why this is my favourite: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It is a superficial, old, […]

Thy will be done

Just watched the EO documentary ‘Thy will be done‘. A young couple is pregnant from their first child that turns out to be severely handicapped and, according to medical doctors, will die after it is born. They believe God will heal their son and make him be born healthy and alive, and they get tangled […]