Save Ferris!

Watched my all-time favourite movie for the tenth time last night. It featured on Dutch television. I was not planning on seeing it, but when zapping by, I could not help but watch it till the end… I really cannot explain why this is my favourite: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It is a superficial, old, flat comedy, but in a way excellent and one-of-a-kind. Probably the acting of Matthew Broderick is a factor – like in the old Shakespeare plays, he sometimes turns to the audience and comments the events (which I think is very funny). Probably it has something to do with the extraordinarily beautiful girl (I was in platonic love with her for about two years back in ’87). Probably the story actually is kind of funny: popular guy takes his best friend and girlfriend a day off school, faking he is sick; sister knows, but only meets people believing her brother to be deadly ill (‘Save Ferris!’); school head knows, but does not catch him in the act; parents could know but don’t.
Anyway. Had a good laugh again.

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