Practising for holiday
Practising for holiday

Practising for holiday

This last weekend, we kind of practised for the coming holiday. Sunny weather, meeting old friends, enjoying outdoor life… mmm!
Thursday night we visited Joost and Ida. We were out in the garden barbecue-ing until almost eleven, enjoying each other’s company. At least, I do: Joost is one of those friends that I discuss favourite browsers with at one moment, and the next we talk about the (im)possibilities of curses on a Christian’s life… Currently he is involved in setting up a food bank in Amsterdam. It brings him to places he’d never seen before, both geographically and socially.
Friday night Erik and Mieke with their three kids paid us a visit. They live somewhere Central Asia, but are on holiday back here. Had a good time together. I actually think it is over 2 years that we had seen eachother. Erik is one of the same kind of friends as Joost – he amazes me every time with his knowledge and insight. Very bright guy indeed.
Saturday we had a 3-family reunion: Mira and I, Teun and Carla and Alex and Marjolein came together with our flock: nine kids aged 0 to 7… it was fun! Our friendship dates from our student time in Amsterdam, and we all have this same thing about it: we only see each other a couple of times a year, but we simply go on where we left.

Well, no wonder the girls were exausted yesterday. And still we managed to bike around the place. I might have said this before, but we really live beautifully. We took a ride for about an hour and a half from our house through the surroundings of Almere Buiten with Rosa on her own bike: what a hero! She is able to bike without side-wheels for a month or so, and she is so proud of it.

Well, long post… just to say that holidays are coming up… this Friday we’ll be off to Ouddorp near the Dutch coast for a week. Early August we’ll drive to Romania for 16 days.

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