Preparing for Romania
Preparing for Romania

Preparing for Romania

Early August we will join Marcel and Cody Gaasenbeek in Arad, Romania, for a couple of weeks. This is our little ‘missions project’ that we are supposed to do for the European Leader Development programme. We will take the kids and niece Paulien (as a nanny), and Arnaud and Annemarie from HQ will join also.
Marcel and Cody live in Arad during summer, from June to September. They mainly work with the youth – helping them with both very practical and spiritual development, from buying a bike to bible study about the Second Coming.
The idea is to run a camp with some of the youth to prepare them to do youth work on their own – (‘train the trainer’, or 2Tim2:2 in Christianese). The idea is also to have a very relaxed time, have fun, enjoying friendship at the pool, that sort of thing. I am really looking forward to it. I am also very curious how the girls and Paulien will like it.

But before Romania: Ouddorp! We’ll leave tomorrow. I plan to take my laptop (courtesy of my wife), so I might blog every now and then. If not – you’ll know I am enjoying holiday. Enjoy your summer as well!

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