Quick note from Romania

We’re still alive… more than ever, maybe 🙂 We are actually having a great time. Last week we’ve had a youthcamp with about 50 youth, in the mountains about 160 km from here. It was quite an experience. In some ways it’s like any youth camp – chaotic, with ups and downs, but in the end fantastic. In some other ways it was nothing like the camps I knew. The ‘ treasure hunt’ for example – a three hour trip through the mountains. Almost litterally: I think from that three hours, maybe for 30 minutes we followed a path – the other 2,5 hours went straight through the forest, bush, water… while looking for little pink papers attached to the trees. Very funny.
Also different: the kids, although all from a local church, all lack a basic understanding of God’s grace and goodness. The studies were really basic about the love of God, Jesus on the cross and the freedom we have in Christ, but it was new to most of them.
This week we are in Arad. Having a good time at the swimming pool (when it is not raining, like now) or just with the club of friends around the place we’re staying.

Next week more to come…

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