Roadshow: On Track

This week we are running a ‘roadshow’ for the Agapè staff at several places in the country. ‘We’ is Henk Veltman, Hans Pruis and I, being the new Direction team. Together with the National Leadership Team, we wrote down our vision and plans for the next coming years in a booklet, called ‘Op Koers’ (‘On Track’). So far, response has been good. Yesterday we kicked … Lees verder Roadshow: On Track

Spirit-filled planning

The last speaker at the LD conference was David Wilson, National Director of Agape UK. David is a popular speaker, and I also like him a lot. Must be his Brethern background…Anyway. His topic for the day was ‘The Holy Spirit and planning’. Interesting stuff. He started out with a little bible study on planning:On the usefulness of plans– Proverbs 14:22, 23– Proverbs 16:3– Proverbs … Lees verder Spirit-filled planning

Capturing commitment and imagination

Finally the great little man arrived: Javier Garcia, the coming European Director. He’s been around already since the beginning of the LD programme. The first time we heard him speak two years ago, he read his lines from paper, and even then he was very hard to understand because of his poor English language. This time, he was able to speak more freely, to share … Lees verder Capturing commitment and imagination

Thinking and learning creatively

Jo learned us about mindmaps and concept maps. Already familiar with mindmapping, I used this time to do some real work with the help of Mind Manager ( Wouter was doing something similar, so we had a very productive morning 🙂 What does determine the actual effectiveness of learning? Jo shared 6 dimensions of learning power:– growth orientation – commitment to growth and change over … Lees verder Thinking and learning creatively

Use your brain – both of it!

We discussed differences between left- and right hemisphere orientation: linear and global thinking. A little test showed that our group was actually quite well spread: some strictly linear thinkers, some pure global thinkers, and some somewhere in between. Funny to see that some on the extremes are together in one team. It might work great when there is a strong sense of completion, but it … Lees verder Use your brain – both of it!

Capacity building

Horst Reiser shared some very useful insights. He has been responsible for the Swiss administrative organisation for a long time, and he is now the European director for Finance & Development.His principles for personal growth, derived from his own development:1 The Lord has paid work for available professionals2 Get free yourself3 Accept challenges of life for your own character growth. Don’t run away.4 Accept and … Lees verder Capacity building

Free agents & the vineyard

The central theme of this conference is ‘Leading free agents’. We live in an post-postmodern age, where people grow up to be independent, free thinkers – not bound by systems or traditions. This goes for Christians as well – for example, new generation Christians are more committed to God than to the organisation. At the same time, this post-postmodern influence creates a tension between independence … Lees verder Free agents & the vineyard