Another trip

Preparing for another trip. Tomorrow we’ll be heading for Kandern, Germany (again). This year’s Leader Development conference is held there from Wednesday till Saturday. I feel like we’re not well prepared, but it will be fun anyway.
Mira will return in the weekend, but I will be staying another 5 days for a more formal conference with the national leaders from the different countries. I don’t know really what to expect, but I was asked this weekend to facilitate some smallgroup meetings… (I guess in the power of the Spirit I’ll manage :-)). Rosa and Sara stay home with grandma and grandpa, who will come to our house the coming days.
Although I always like to travel and be abroad, this time the timing is not so good. We are just starting up the new season, there are some major changes and issues in the office, so I’d rather stay at home. I will need to do some work and touch base from time to time these next two weeks, something that I am not very good at (usually I don’t read my mail too often and have my cellphone turned off). A little prayer would be appreciated…

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