Capacity building
Capacity building

Capacity building

Horst Reiser shared some very useful insights. He has been responsible for the Swiss administrative organisation for a long time, and he is now the European director for Finance & Development.
His principles for personal growth, derived from his own development:
1 The Lord has paid work for available professionals
2 Get free yourself
3 Accept challenges of life for your own character growth. Don’t run away.
4 Accept and pass authority checks
5 Become pro-active, expand your sphere of influence – with patience and perseverance.

And his principles for ministry growth:
1 Be open to serve outside the box
2 Assign professional staff in operations
3 Request written ministry master plans from operational department
4 Equip to serve: invest adequate resources
5 Put priority on funding
6 Count on Holy Spirit, but work out written plans
7 Always adjust leadership structure
8 Work out national written ministry-marketing-plan

And he also gave some priorities for the near future:
1 Strategic planning
2 Ministry IT-systems
3 Accounting, finances and audits
4 Reporting and comprehensive controlling
5 Stewardship resources & teaching
6 Fund development & sales documentation
7 Major donors & experts

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