Free agents & the vineyard

The central theme of this conference is ‘Leading free agents’. We live in an post-postmodern age, where people grow up to be independent, free thinkers – not bound by systems or traditions. This goes for Christians as well – for example, new generation Christians are more committed to God than to the organisation. At the same time, this post-postmodern influence creates a tension between independence and interdependence – the latter being the more biblical way.

Agapè / Campus Crusade for Christ has always been known as an organisation that teaches people how to do things – a typical ‘modern’ approach. We need to develop into an organisation that teaches people (that tend to diversify and have broad interest) how to learn and how to focus.

The conference started officially this morning, with the European director sharing about vision and Horst Reiser from Switzerland speaking on capacity building, the term used for the areas of Finance, Operations, Resource Management and so on – basically everything needed to enable ministry growth.

In the afternoon we went to a vineyard close to the French border where we got a tour based on John 15. It was a great experience. The weather was perfect, the view was perfect, the tour was perfect and last but not least the wine was perfect… Our guide was the son of the gardener, and he explained all the details of winemaking by touring us around, reading a couple of verses of John 15 and then showing what was meant by it. At each stop there was of course a taste of wine, which really made it a worthwhile experience… At the end, the gardener said in his best German-English that ‘zis was ze best tour I have ever done, becauz zjust like everybody before, you love vine, but on top of zat, you alzo love Jesus…’ Funny.

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