Use your brain – both of it!
Use your brain – both of it!

Use your brain – both of it!

We discussed differences between left- and right hemisphere orientation: linear and global thinking. A little test showed that our group was actually quite well spread: some strictly linear thinkers, some pure global thinkers, and some somewhere in between. Funny to see that some on the extremes are together in one team. It might work great when there is a strong sense of completion, but it can also create a communications vacuum, because people are so different. By the way: I was somewhere in the middle…

I think that these days, global thinkers are more appreciated than they were before. The analytical left-hemisphere linear thinkers were always highly appreciated in our rationalist society, but awareness is rising that they cannot do well without the other half… In fact, the very fact that we are discussing these type of things in a Leader Development programme is a sign that things are changing.

Thinking for learning involves…
– learning as a social activity
– being critical and creative
– developing language and the understanding to use it appropriately
– complexity (thinking about procedures and subject matter)
– seeing connections, inferences, meanings, patterns, relationships… beyond the immediate
– developing reasoning powers and cognitive skills

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