Capturing commitment and imagination
Capturing commitment and imagination

Capturing commitment and imagination

Finally the great little man arrived: Javier Garcia, the coming European Director. He’s been around already since the beginning of the LD programme. The first time we heard him speak two years ago, he read his lines from paper, and even then he was very hard to understand because of his poor English language. This time, he was able to speak more freely, to share more of his heart.
His topic was: how to capture the commitment and imagination of people. He had four basic requirements to do so:
1 have people – focus our time, life, efforts, priorities on people, by commitment, sacrifice and service.
2 your own life – it is the best tool to capture people. People followed Jesus because of what they saw in Him. What do you think people see when they look at you?
3 the atmosphere you create – an environment with people that are well on their way with the previous two requirements. People make commitment with committed leaders! On top of that: a contagious vision and a role to carry out. Both are needed! A vision without a clear role to make it happen is not enough, and also a job to do without the bigger challenging picture will not capture people.
4 God’s sovereignty – trust Him that He will do his part.

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