Spirit-filled planning
Spirit-filled planning

Spirit-filled planning

The last speaker at the LD conference was David Wilson, National Director of Agape UK. David is a popular speaker, and I also like him a lot. Must be his Brethern background…
Anyway. His topic for the day was ‘The Holy Spirit and planning’. Interesting stuff. He started out with a little bible study on planning:
On the usefulness of plans
– Proverbs 14:22, 23
– Proverbs 16:3
– Proverbs 16:9
On changing plans
– II Cor 1:16-18
On planning principles
– I Cor 16:8,9
– II Cor 2:12,13
– II Cor 1:23
– Romans 1:13
– Romans 15:20-22
On arrogance in planning
– James 4:15,16: ‘if it is the Lord’s will’
On the Spirit’s part in planning
– At the beginning: The bible is God-breathed and equips you for good work (II TIM 3:16,17)
– In the middle: Self-control (as in the fruit of the Spirit) (Gal 5:22,23) = control of yourself, the power to do it
– In action: Acts 16:6-10 = it was already decided that they would go to preach, but the Holy Spirit guided them to where it should be done.

He then carried on about Spirit-filled planning:
1 What’s the use of planning? Something might come up
– planning is a godly thing to do; ‘things coming up’ and the Holy Spirit guiding you are two different things
2 Can I change my plan mid-year?
Yes – question is why? Paul changed timing, not purpose
3 What kind of principles would allow me to change my plan?
a. Open doors – the point is to preach the gospel; new opportunities might show up, might even be harder…
b. Team function – in Troas Paul did not go through an open door because Titus wasn’t there. Team life is a basic that can’t really do without.
c. Leadership character – Corinthians apparently had a history of independence, Paul delayed arriving in case he’d scare them. He put their interest first.
d. Unreached peoples – Paul re-adjusted his plans to reach those who hadn’t yet heard the gospel
4 Where is the Holy Spirit in all of this planning?
a. Bible/prayer – without, we won’t have the right motivations in planning
b. Without his Dominance in our lives we won’t have the spiritual stamina to carry out even the best plans
c. Once we set out He will steer the moving ship

He ended by saying that there is hope for baptists, because the Spirit allows you to plan, and there is hope for the charismatics, because the plans can be changed by the Spirit 🙂

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