Roadshow: On Track

This week we are running a ‘roadshow’ for the Agapè staff at several places in the country. ‘We’ is Henk Veltman, Hans Pruis and I, being the new Direction team. Together with the National Leadership Team, we wrote down our vision and plans for the next coming years in a booklet, called ‘Op Koers’ (‘On Track’). So far, response has been good. Yesterday we kicked off in Doorn, this afternoon we visited the Athletes in Action office in Groningen. We will also visit Deventer and Dordrecht the next few days.
In general, the challenge is to not only communicate a new strategic plan, but to promote a new culture and way of working as well. There are many questions still unanswered, and we will not be able to satisfy every need in short notice. Therefore, we need trust and grace from our staff, as well as we need to give them trust and grace to them, to adapt to the new structure and plans. It is encouraging to see people respond positively to the current developments.
The current plan has not yet been released to public, but for those of you who are interested, Wouter has published the two preceding booklets on his website. They both contain the essentials of what we’re aiming at – building spiritual movements, so that everybody knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

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