Nationale Bijbeltest

Mira heeft even meegedaan met de Nationale Bijbeltest op tv. Nul fout, natuurlijk. Dat krijg je als er af en toe in leest.


The famous Dutch comedians Koot & Bie said already long ago that one of the major achievements in life is ‘to be mentioned’. They referred to potential candidates for positions in the forming of a new government, but it also applies to other circles in life. Anyway, yesterday was a day that I ‘was mentioned’, […]

Newsletter 6

You’re the first to know: our latest newsletter has arrived! Read it here in Dutch (PDF, 430 Kb). In this issue: a family update, update on Agapè, a little story from our time in Romania and much more. Also: the announcement that this site will also become more prominent in our communications. Therefore: as of […]

Praise to the internet

I bought an MP3 player in order to listen to audio sermons in the car, without having to burn each of them on an audio CD. Found a cheap but seemingly good one at the electronics shop. So far so good – until I find out that these players do not keep the files in […]


What a great weekend this was! After (a) crazy week(s) of working, we had a fantastic weekend with just the two of us. Rosa and Sara both are staying with their grandparents until Tuesday. We slept in until late yesterday and today, and we just had a very relaxing time. Yesterday we were in and […]

Peter and John – who are you?

Spoke in church yesterday about Gods love for us. I used the example of John the Evangelist, who identifies himself five times as the disciple whom Jesus loved at very crucial occasions in the life of Jesus. You can see that from his relying on the love and acceptance from Jesus comes a very secure, […]

Indian Summer

Finally we understand a little bit of what Indian Summer is. Because of the exceptionally good weather of the last weeks, many trees keep their leaves which turn bright red and yellow. These pictures are from our garden and from trees across the street. Very beautiful.

Come, drink from the living water!

Last weekend we had our annual staff conference. It was probably the best ever… we have been really blessed. The conference theme was ‘Come, drink from the living water’, and that is what we sure did. Wouter preached on the throne of grace, the fact that we can enter freely through the finished work of […]

Simply brilliant

This is simply brilliant: The Million Dollar Homepage. What do you do if you need some money to pay for university? You set up a website!