The famous Dutch comedians Koot & Bie said already long ago that one of the major achievements in life is ‘to be mentioned’. They referred to potential candidates for positions in the forming of a new government, but it also applies to other circles in life. Anyway, yesterday was a day that I ‘was mentioned’, in the Dutch christian newspaper Nederlands Dagblad, and on top … Lees verder Mentioned

Newsletter 6

You’re the first to know: our latest newsletter has arrived! Read it here in Dutch (PDF, 430 Kb). In this issue: a family update, update on Agapè, a little story from our time in Romania and much more. Also: the announcement that this site will also become more prominent in our communications. Therefore: as of today, I will also blog in Dutch, especially concerning Agapè … Lees verder Newsletter 6


What a great weekend this was! After (a) crazy week(s) of working, we had a fantastic weekend with just the two of us. Rosa and Sara both are staying with their grandparents until Tuesday. We slept in until late yesterday and today, and we just had a very relaxing time. Yesterday we were in and around the house doing all of those little things you … Lees verder Rest