Come, drink from the living water!

Last weekend we had our annual staff conference. It was probably the best ever… we have been really blessed. The conference theme was ‘Come, drink from the living water’, and that is what we sure did. Wouter preached on the throne of grace, the fact that we can enter freely through the finished work of Jesus Christ. He did a great job, and afterwards we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Very special.
Saturday Willem Ouweneel was our guest-speaker. He spoke on the Holy Spirit, specifically the power of the Holy Spirit. The one thing that struck me most was when he nipped from a glass of water, saying: ‘Imagine I need to drink a lot of this, before it comes out again!’ We all felt that the Spirit was moving throughout the conference. At night we changed the program a little, so we had more time to experience this through worship, prayer and testimonies. Sunday morning Mira spoke on the subject of grace again. She told about her own spiritual journey of this last year, where she found a deeper understanding of her identity in Christ – what it means to be righteous and to be able to say ‘Daddy’ to God. Altogether I think we reached another milestone in the ‘spiritual restoration’ of the movement. And that is something to be very grateful for.

Click here for a 38-picture gallery of the conference.

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