Peter and John – who are you?

Spoke in church yesterday about Gods love for us. I used the example of John the Evangelist, who identifies himself five times as the disciple whom Jesus loved at very crucial occasions in the life of Jesus. You can see that from his relying on the love and acceptance from Jesus comes a very secure, stable, trustworthy man of faith.
Today at our weekly devotional I focused also on Peter, who is more the type of guy relying on his love for Jesus – the other way around. Interesting to see these two man close together in four of the five crucial occasions mentioned before: they were probably very good friends. Also interesting to see that by relying on his own strength, Peter made it many a time hard for himself. Jesus even has to take him apart to restore their relationship, and to again ask him to follow. It suddenly struck me that one verse ahead (John 21:20) it says that John was following them – voluntarily.

Both are great men of God, and have been used mightily, although in very different ways. Probably each one of us identifies more with either Peter or John, but the lesson I learn from this whole thing is this: God loved us first, so it’s best to start there. Makes life a lot easier!

Read my sermon outline here (in Dutch).

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