What a great weekend this was! After (a) crazy week(s) of working, we had a fantastic weekend with just the two of us. Rosa and Sara both are staying with their grandparents until Tuesday. We slept in until late yesterday and today, and we just had a very relaxing time. Yesterday we were in and around the house doing all of those little things you never find time to do. Some time ago somebody gave us a little present to be spent at a butchery, so I went to get tapas and toast for the afternoon, and we enjoyed a very good meal. To finish it off we watched The Bourne Supremacy, great movie but a little too complicated plot.
Today Mira spoke in church. She has not released her notes (yet), when they’re available I’ll post them. She did great and got a lot of positive feedback. Another good thing was that parents of one of Rosa’s schoolmates visited church, and they liked it. We had a good talk afterwards, and hopefully this is to be continued.
Afterwards we spontaneously drove to Amsterdam, enjoying the most beautiful city in the world for a couple of hours. We wanted to visit Hermitage Amsterdam, but were too late to make a full tour, so we did not go in. We drank coffee and had dinner and just enjoyed the time together. Thank God for grandparents, Amsterdam and marriage!

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  1. amsterdam the most beautiful city?
    I hope you never visit Eindhoven before.
    Cource when you arived in Eindhoven ,you wil find out Eindhoven will be the most great beautiful city of them all

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