Praise to the internet

I bought an MP3 player in order to listen to audio sermons in the car, without having to burn each of them on an audio CD. Found a cheap but seemingly good one at the electronics shop. So far so good – until I find out that these players do not keep the files in the same order as they are on harddisk or cd. With music this is not a problem, but the first thing I wanted to listen was a seminar consisting of 55 files – I can tell you, I was confused. So I wanted to go back to the shop, but I first got on the internet to find out if this was a common problem, and so it seems. For some technical reason, most Flash memory devices have this problem. But all praise to the internet, because the solution was also at hand: ReOrganize!, a tool that can re-order the files on any device. It works great, and it’s free on top of that. Where would we be without the net…

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