Hoera, het is een meisje!

Nee, nog niet bij ons, maar bij mijn zus Ingeborg! Vrijdagochtend is ze bevallen van Marije. We zijn zaterdag even wezen kijken, en het is een echte De Boer ­čÖéMira kreeg het trouwens behoorlijk op haar heupen toen ze hoorde dat Ingeborg bevallen was; vrijdagmiddag stond opeens ook bij ons het wiegje klaar…

The golden rule in religion

Just watched a documentary on a visit by Karen Armstrong, British writer and religion-expert. She is in The Netherlands to promote a new book, and for that she held a speech that was partly broadcast tonight. She says many interesting things about the relationship between religion and politics, and also about religion as such. I […]

I’m back?

Have been ill like never before… not that I felt like dying, but it’s a long time ago that I have been ill for about 2 weeks. I still feel a little strange today, but I got back to work anyway.I admit it is also somewhat my own fault, since I really wanted to go […]

Spirituality of Jesus

In the afternoon I went with Jon Horne (the main man in the Agape Workplace Initiative) to his place, to join in with one of their biblestudy groups. Tom Miller from Campus Crusade in Orlando, was there too. It was interesting to see his reaction to the Emails from Hotel Babylon series. He said he […]

Emails from Hotel Babylon

Went to All Souls Church this morning. This is John Stott‘s church (well, he’s retired, or whatever they call it over there), a very positive and lively church in the heart of London. I heard this sermon (probably link will die in a few weeks) from a guy that just came back from Africa. Alltogether […]

AWI Convention

Today the AWI convention started. Yesterday I traveled to London, together with Alan Nagel (a Campus Crusade dinosaur from Texas) and a couple from Washington DC. I had planned to do a little sightseeing, but since I was still not feeling well, I went straight to the hotel and had some rest. In the afternoon […]

Fawlty Towers?

The place we’re staying is definitely not a recommendation. It is downtown London, just a couple of blocks from Oxford Street, but that is the only advantage as far as I am concerned. A number of the convention participants were booked in this place, and checking in was quite an experience. I arrived apart from […]

Agape UK visit

Visited the Agape UK office in Birmingham today. [By the way: I flew with bmibaby.com – never heard of, but surely a good thing! Paid 6,80 for the ticket (!) and had a perfect seat.] Since we are in the middle of many changes, I thought it’d be good to see how our sister-organisations are […]


Have been ill since last Thursday, and it is not over yet… I left the office early on Thursday, shivering and shaking from fever. It is a funny sickness, in the morning I feel quite well, but around noon headache and fever come up and stay until the evening. So, I stay home today and […]