Fawlty Towers?

The place we’re staying is definitely not a recommendation. It is downtown London, just a couple of blocks from Oxford Street, but that is the only advantage as far as I am concerned. A number of the convention participants were booked in this place, and checking in was quite an experience. I arrived apart from the other Dutchies, but together with the Americans. The tenant of the place had a hard time finding out how it was all organised, and then decided to put us all in different places. I was supposed to share a room, but I got a single room; the American couple was supposed to be somewhere upstairs, but he put them in the basement (a large appartment). Later he put a single Estonian girl in a four-person appartment. In other words: he messed up.
At night his colleague tenant came, and she was furious to find out that it was all mixed and messed. She was determined to get things right, and in doing so, she became very rude. She ran around screaming and yelling, telling people to move and to get out. I ended up sharing a room with one of the other Dutchies.
In the end, she got what she wanted. I did not: a room with a shared bathroom on the hallway, smaller than I have ever seen; a broken television; a very bad bed…
We all agreed that this was the last time that we visited ‘good’ old Gosfield House.

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