AWI Convention

Today the AWI convention started. Yesterday I traveled to London, together with Alan Nagel (a Campus Crusade dinosaur from Texas) and a couple from Washington DC. I had planned to do a little sightseeing, but since I was still not feeling well, I went straight to the hotel and had some rest. In the afternoon I did make a little tour to Covent Garden, very nice place with lots of little shops, cafés, street music and so on.
Anyway. AWI stands for Agape Workplace Initiative, the business & professional ministry of Agape London. They organised a convention to present their ministry to other European countries, since they seem to be pioneering in this field quite well.
Today we were introduced to the ‘Living and Telling’ course – their way of helping Christian professionals to witness and reach out in the workplace. The content is 100% Campus Crusade and thus very familiar; very much a ‘how to’ approach to (for example) explain the gospel to a colleague. The interesting thing however was that they had their ‘disciples’ present this stuff: professionals from the workplace that were trained by Agape staff.

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