Emails from Hotel Babylon

Went to All Souls Church this morning. This is John Stott‘s church (well, he’s retired, or whatever they call it over there), a very positive and lively church in the heart of London. I heard this sermon (probably link will die in a few weeks) from a guy that just came back from Africa. Alltogether a good experience.

After church we went straight to the pub… for bible study :). In the ‘Heights’, a hotel nextdoor to the church, we gathered at the 15th floor with fantastic view over London. John Griffith, an advertisement guy, took us through two of his studies called ‘Emails from Hotel Babylon‘ (pfd-download, very much recommended!). The subtitle is evenly intruiging: ‘How to live in sin and get away with it’. The idea is that some marketing guy writes about his work life and his faith from different places in the world, while staying in Hotel Babylon. The bible stories he writes about all deal with wicked cities and people living there, as an example or a warning to us here and now.

I think it is an excellent series of thought-provocing, non-conventional studies, that helps to bring biblical truth into everyday business life. Daily life is not black-and-white, it can be very confusing and distressing at times. This series shows that life for many of our Bible Story Heroes was also very confusing and distressing, and they were not perfect. God uses them anyhow.

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