Spirituality of Jesus

In the afternoon I went with Jon Horne (the main man in the Agape Workplace Initiative) to his place, to join in with one of their biblestudy groups. Tom Miller from Campus Crusade in Orlando, was there too. It was interesting to see his reaction to the Emails from Hotel Babylon series. He said he would never take American businessmen to a study like this. He thought they would just not know what to do with it. Just a couple of minutes before, Jon made a remark that the group he had been working with found the Living & Telling course (the good old American how-to-witness) too shallow… and there it was again, the transatlantic gap. We thought we’d bridged it, but I’m not sure we actually did…

Anyhow. We went through yet another course Agape UK developed: Spirituality of Jesus (pdf-download). This one also has a postmodern touch to it in the way it approaches the different subjects and in the form. The course is based on the gospel of John.
Actually, Jon Horne wrote it himself, and I’m quite impressed with it. It is intended to be used with both believers and non-believers.

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