AWI Convention

Today the AWI convention started. Yesterday I traveled to London, together with Alan Nagel (a Campus Crusade dinosaur from Texas) and a couple from Washington DC. I had planned to do a little sightseeing, but since I was still not feeling well, I went straight to the hotel and had some rest. In the afternoon I did make a little tour to Covent Garden, very … Lees verder AWI Convention

Fawlty Towers?

The place we’re staying is definitely not a recommendation. It is downtown London, just a couple of blocks from Oxford Street, but that is the only advantage as far as I am concerned. A number of the convention participants were booked in this place, and checking in was quite an experience. I arrived apart from the other Dutchies, but together with the Americans. The tenant … Lees verder Fawlty Towers?

Agape UK visit

Visited the Agape UK office in Birmingham today. [By the way: I flew with – never heard of, but surely a good thing! Paid 6,80 for the ticket (!) and had a perfect seat.] Since we are in the middle of many changes, I thought it’d be good to see how our sister-organisations are doing things. I found out there are many similarities, but … Lees verder Agape UK visit


Have been ill since last Thursday, and it is not over yet… I left the office early on Thursday, shivering and shaking from fever. It is a funny sickness, in the morning I feel quite well, but around noon headache and fever come up and stay until the evening. So, I stay home today and tomorrow, hoping it will go away soon. I am planning … Lees verder Flu


The famous Dutch comedians Koot & Bie said already long ago that one of the major achievements in life is ‘to be mentioned’. They referred to potential candidates for positions in the forming of a new government, but it also applies to other circles in life. Anyway, yesterday was a day that I ‘was mentioned’, in the Dutch christian newspaper Nederlands Dagblad, and on top … Lees verder Mentioned

Newsletter 6

You’re the first to know: our latest newsletter has arrived! Read it here in Dutch (PDF, 430 Kb). In this issue: a family update, update on Agapè, a little story from our time in Romania and much more. Also: the announcement that this site will also become more prominent in our communications. Therefore: as of today, I will also blog in Dutch, especially concerning Agapè … Lees verder Newsletter 6