Dit hadden we niet gedacht

Tja. ‘Op basis van eerdere ervaringen’ dachten we dat het allemaal wel snel zou gaan. Inmiddels zijn de 40 weken al ruim verstreken, en maken we ons op voor de volgende ronde. Tot gisteren ging het nog wel aardig, maar de rek is er nu wel een beetje uit bij Mira. Het vooruitzicht van een […]

Still waiting for…

Due date is today… and seems to go by without any result 🙂 Mira is kind of through with it all, and we are more than ready. So let the prayers begin: for a little more strength for Mira to bear through these last days, for Rosa and Sara to have a little patience with […]

Waiting for…

Eight days to go before due date – January 25 is the day we expect the baby to be born. We’re ready for it. Lots of our friends as well, judging from the number of spontaneous phone calls from people we otherwise don’t speak often. Funny, because I would never do such a thing myself, […]

Meeting old friends

This week the annual fasting and prayer retreat for christian leaders was held in Doorn, close to our office. I was invited but did not attend, because of the upcoming events at home… where I am much needed these days. It would have been a good opportunity to meet up with some old friends. I […]

Eindelijk gerechtigheid

Eindelijk… ik heb gisteren gepreekt over gerechtigheid. Het onderwerp lag al wat langer ‘op de plank’, al kostte het me aardig wat moeite om er ook echt een preek van te maken. Het onderwerp van genade en gerechtigheid is zo veelomvattend dat het een kunst bleek om er in een halfuur iets goeds en helders […]

A visit to the Far East

Yesterday I got myself an extra holiday, so we could visit our friends Theo & Lydia in the far east: Enschede. They moved there from good old Amsterdam last October, and since it is quite a ride we did not get a chance to meet them up til now. Well. Once in every 15 years […]

Happy Newyear!

I wish you all a blessed Newyear. May 2006 be a very special year to all of you! We celebrated Newyears’ Eve for the first time since a very long time with the entire De Boer family. We are already 13 altogether (actually 14, since Rosa and Sara already count the unborn baby in the […]