This is what we missed

Last week was the final Leader Development conference, this time in Florence, Italy. Alas – we were not there! Tomas was born just a little too late to make it to Florence. We had planned to take him with us if he’d be born early, but he didn’t, so we decided it was better not […]

Amsterdam – Barcelona

Wednesday till Friday I’ll be in Barcelona for a Agape Europe Financial Team meeting. I was asked some time ago to participate in this, but up till now I have not been able to be physically present at the meetings. I am looking forward to it. Not that I like to talk about finances for […]

New skin

Put this site into a new skin – and I like it. Wouter gave me some hints about lay-out and style that I am slowly implementing; for example, a white background is better than a dark one. I found the template at, which is an easy start.Hope you like this as well; don’t hesitate […]

Train-ing to Groningen

Today Henk, Hans and I (the Agapè directors team) went to Groningen by train! Effective, but not efficient, since I had to travel south first to catch the train. At the railway station I met a former client of mine from ABN Amro, which was nice. He remembered I went to work with a christian […]

Quality time at the Agapè staff meeting

We had our bimonthly all-staff meeting today in Doorn. Being Valentine’s day, it was no surprise that ‘love’ was the main theme today, although we also covered some other topics. In the afternoon for example, we did a ‘quality game’: in groups of eight, each one pulls a random card with a (positive) characteristic and […]

Another load of pictures…

If you still have not seen enough, check the Tomas picture gallery again for some cool new pics. Please pay special attention to our neighbours having their ‘couples moment’ with Tomas, the Big Blue Birth Cake that we received, and the beautiful flowers from our Agapè colleagues.And as of now, new pictures will just be […]

Birthday card FAQ

FAQ:Q: Is this your own design?A: Yes Q: Is it really Tomas on the little picture?A: Of course Q: Did you make up the little poem yourself?A: No. It is a quote from Isaiah 26, verse 4 Q: What does it actually say in English?A: ‘Dear Tomas, Trust in Jehovah for ever; for in Jehovah, […]

New pictures

Little Tomas is doing terrific. It is a very sweet boy, handsome and all, just like his dad. His big sisters are very, very proud of him. The new morning ritual is the baby-morning-kiss, first thing after they come out of bed. Mira is recovering really well, and after a first hausse of visits Friday […]


Hoera, hij is er! Gisteravond om 18.16 is Tomas Pieter de Boer geboren. Met pijn en moeite, dat wel, maar alles is goed. Hij weegt maar liefst 4330 gram. Hij heeft lang op zich laten wachten, maar uiteindelijk ging de bevalling vrij snel: een uurtje of 3. Het is een echte ‘De Boer’, bijna niet […]