Birthday card FAQ
Birthday card FAQ

Birthday card FAQ

Q: Is this your own design?
A: Yes

Q: Is it really Tomas on the little picture?
A: Of course

Q: Did you make up the little poem yourself?
A: No. It is a quote from Isaiah 26, verse 4

Q: What does it actually say in English?
A: ‘Dear Tomas, Trust in Jehovah for ever; for in Jehovah, [even] Jehovah, is an everlasting rock.’

Q: Who is Daniel, mentioned together with Rosa and Sara?
A: Daniel is our first son, stillborn at January 1 2000 after a 38 week pregnancy. And although he is not with us here, we know he is in the best place to be, which is heaven. Rosa and Sara are well aware of Daniel, and regularly include him in our family headcount.

Q: Why did you name him Tomas Pieter?
A: Good question. Tomas sounds good, that’s the first and foremost reason. Tomas means ‘twin’ and has a somewhat dubious biblical connotation of a doubting person, so we thought it would be good to add a second name to compensate: Pieter (Peter) means ‘rock’ – the solid one. And do you see the little poem making sense now? Pieter is also the name of Tomas’ grandpa De Boer. It turns out that we are more traditional that we thought. There is a five-generation follow-up of the names Pieter and Menne/Minne/Menno (which is my middle name), but we only found out about it after Tomas was born.

Q: Why did you leave out the ‘h’ in Tomas?
A: For several reasons: 1) Estethical (it just looks better) 2) Fonetical (so he’ll be able to write his name correctly quickly) 3) Biblical (the new Dutch bible version NBV writes it this way). And it will be easier when he’ll be given a new name in the future (see Revelations), like Abraham and Sarah who also were given an extra ‘h’ by the Lord, simply adding an ‘h’ will do.

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