Quality time at the Agapè staff meeting

We had our bimonthly all-staff meeting today in Doorn. Being Valentine’s day, it was no surprise that ‘love’ was the main theme today, although we also covered some other topics. In the afternoon for example, we did a ‘quality game’: in groups of eight, each one pulls a random card with a (positive) characteristic and hands it to the person he thinks it fits most. The qualities people attributed to me were ‘brave’, ‘intelligent’, ‘tact’, ‘mediator’, ‘multitalented’, ‘thoughtful’, and some other I forgot. All very positive and heartwarming things, but to balance it all, I invite you to comment on this post with some less positive qualities. After all, this morning Marleen Ramaker urged us to be vulnerable and teachable, so this is your chance to help me with that.
And if for some reason you can only think of other positive things, well, okay, you can mention those as well :-). Anyway, it was a fun thing to do, and judging by the cheerful atmosphere during the game, I guess most collaegues thought so too.

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