Train-ing to Groningen

Today Henk, Hans and I (the Agapè directors team) went to Groningen by train! Effective, but not efficient, since I had to travel south first to catch the train. At the railway station I met a former client of mine from ABN Amro, which was nice. He remembered I went to work with a christian ‘something’ in Doorn, and was very interested to learn more about it.
In Groningen we met up with Cor and Elsa. Cor is the Groningen city coordinator for Agapè. He spent much time explaining us what he was doing and how. I was very much impressed with the variety of things he’s involved with. They are seemingly unrelated, but from his vision to ‘bring together what God has intended to be together’ it is very consistent. We also learned that being a city worker you have to be multi-skilled; besides being a networker, you have to be a computer engineer and a secretary as well…

In the afternoon we met up with Albert and Marloes van der Wal, who have a vision to start a network for christian Young Professionals. We had a very good talk to find out where we can connect and strengthen each other. I like their sense of quality and their strong vision for the target audience, which are their peers. Who knows what the future brings!

On the way back we found out the downside of student city Groningen: the Friday afternoon train to the West. It was packed and overloaded, so we decided to upgrade to First Class in order to have at least a decent seat – which was a very good decision indeed. Henk stayed in Groningen to meet with an old friend, so Hans and I had some time to talk things through. Inefficient, but effective.

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