Tomas update

This is one of the last pictures of Mira before Tomas was born. Just to show how seriously disabled she was at that time (click to enlarge). I think it’s quite funny. But I guess you are all dying to see some recent Tomas pictures. Well, here they are – in a brand new album style. After a first hausse of visits, for some weeks … Lees verder Tomas update


Another site visit: yesterday we had a very good day in Rotterdam with the team over there. We were welcomed in the House of Prayer Elim, of which Wim and Dianne van Duyvenbode are the initiators. They gave us an overview of the christian and evangelistic initiatives in Rotterdam and of their own work. According to what they told us, there is still a lot … Lees verder Rotterdam

Project X

Had the opportunity to speak in my parents’ church in Utrecht again. The topic I spoke on (after much deliberation) was ‘Project X – Gods secret plan’. Based on Ephesians I laid out Gods plan for mankind: Eph 1:10 – God’s secret revealed Eph 2:10 – God makes preparations Eph 3:10 – God involves the apple of his eye (the church) into his plans Eph … Lees verder Project X